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I'm Lena,

Fashiondesigner, Photographer and Stylist

based in Hamburg.

Welcome to my world. 

Creative, authentic and versatile - that's me!

Two hearts are beating in my breast, the heart of Photography and the heart of Design and Fashion.

"Follow your heart", they say - and I take it serious.

"It's the smallest things, that matter"

Small things, little actions or tiny moments, that are the most authentic ones. These moments are the ones that fill us with joy and makes us want to hold on too.

These moments, I want to reveal and show.

From the first sketch, to the production, to the presentation and the post production in fashion - details are deciding. 

Often enough we don't need to decide between either - or but need to find the way to as well as.

Because then the one heart beats as well as the other heart with all its strength.


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