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The collection UMRAHMUNG is inspired by different types of frames. She shows what happens when asthetic characteristics are detached from their context and placed in a new frame. 

Here the couture materiality meets the technical trekking aspect.

Based on the concept of  “reframing”, a method used in systemic consultation in psychology, different elements have been detached from their frame and are placed in a new context. 

An area of confilct arises, which envolves dynamics and points out new perspectives.



BA - fashiondesign 

Lena Siebels


University of applied sciences

DMI Department Design, Fashiondesign

Photos: Lena Siebels Photography

Models: Lisa Michaelis, Nadine Nourney, Anne Theresa Hoeveken, Anna Guseva

Hair-&Make-Up: Anna Haake

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